The wind tunnels allow everyone to experience the unique experience of flying safely and enjoyably.

FLY! Basic FLY Gran Canaria

Indoor flying

Indoor flying or indoor skydiving is a sport for everyone from 4 years old without risk or the need to jump from a plane.

The flight is suitable for everyone, except:

How does it work?

Two powerful motors generate a vertical upward current of air that will allow you to float on an air bed in a completely safe manner under the constant supervision of one of our professional instructors.

My flight

Upon arrival, our team will welcome you warmly and explain everything you need to know before your flight while you check in.

After the check in you will be provided with the necessary equipment to fly (helmet, suit and glasses), then you will have to attend a small theory class where the basic notions of flying in a wind tunnel will be explained.

From that moment on, all you have to do is enjoy the dream of flying! But always accompanied and under the supervision of one of our professional instructors who will help you feel safe and teach you what you need to know to enjoy the experience. Clients will take turns in the tunnel in short sessions.

After the experience you will be able to acquire the photos and videos we took during your flight and we hope you will help us to improve by filling in one last form. After this last step you will be able to relax with a drink while you enjoy watching other people fly.

FLY Gran Canaria will provide you with all the necessary equipment to fly, although we do recommend that you come with sneakers or shoes closed with laces or velcro.

The dream of flying

The fear that we feel when we jump by parachute is a sensation that is only experienced in the moment before jumping from the plane. Once you have jumped, everyone experiences the wonderful feeling of freedom to be in flight.

This flying sensation usually lasts between 30 and 50 seconds and has an average price of 250€.

FLY Gran Canaria gives you the opportunity to experience two to six 60-second flights from 39€ without the need to jump out of an airplane and in complete safety.

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